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Language Services offered in a variety of formats

Beginner English
Advanced Beginner English
Business English

Test Preparation ~ ESL, TOEIC, and TOEFL (and others)
Pronunciation and Specialized Vocabulary for Employment
Interview Skills
Accent Reduction

Résumé Writing
Professional Presentation Assistance


Jenny Juhnke
Language Center Director ~ Instructional Supervisor

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Instruction Philosophy

Learn by participating in conversations about everyday objects and basic conversation without knowing any of the target language.  Advanced students will receive customized instruction based on their needs and occupational field:  For example, any English client who needs special phrases for speaking or writing in their job will receive coaching to help make fast improvements and quickly eliminate their errors, which are usually mistakes that have become bad habits.

Beginner English
You do not need to know any English to start today

Advanced Beginner English
If you know some English but want to improve your vocabulary or grammar

Business English
Specific business practices and usage common in industry and educational settings, including banking, finance and international relations/communications

Test Preparation
ESL, TOEFL and other exams which require a deeper knowledge of English such as drivers licenses, or applications for internships, jobs, or studies in the USA

Interview Skills
Prepare in advance for jobs or college and university entrance exams and interviews, which require higher levels of English skills

Accent Reduction
Repetitive conversations with a native speaker to identify and reduce local and international accents, with written corrections to take home at each lesson

Résumé Writing
Custom design a professional presentation of your skills, designed for your desired occupation and based on your background

Professional Presentation Assistance
Get help with your next big project with one-on-one assistance to improve your marketability and communications skills

Renaissance Hotel reservations clerk, Yukie-san
Open House event for ESL students & friends

Monique, who studied English for international finance & banking
Overseas English newspaper employee & business students of GLC

What Do the Students Say?

As an instructor, Jenny Juhnke has built up a list of satisfied clients/former students around the world...literally!
Please take time to browse the comments and see what others who have had instruction volunteered to say:

Satoru U, World Bank of Washington, DC:  "I strongly recommend her to other students, those who particularly have problems in oral communication.  In general, we Japanese students, maybe other Asian students, have learned English grammar per se repeatedly and mastered it by book before coming to the U.S. However, when it comes to real oral communication, many of them have problems in verbal communication. Jenny has a marvelous skill to pinpoint those problems and had me redress them with drills.  Before I met her, I had tutoring with more than 15 native teachers, but never met such a talented teacher as Jenny.  Without her tutoring, I would not be able to accomplish my goal."  (Japanese student who has continued his studies with Jenny off and on the past decade, with 90 minutes of lessons per week.)

Guy L, Ernst & Young of New York:  "Jenny was a great teacher of the English language and even more important of the U.S. culture.  As a foreign student, I gained tons of significant knowledge from her and found that learning can be real fun."  (Israeli student who studied with Jenny immediately after arriving in America, during a 3-week orientation course with four hours of class per day.)

Miki T, Japanese Insurance Company on Okinawa:  "Jenny is the best teacher that I have met.  I am now living in America and doing very well.  I have Jenny to thank for my success.  I learned a lot from her.  The greatest thing about her teaching style is she corrects pronunciation perfectly."  (Japanese student who took lessons on Okinawa for nine months with 50 minutes of class each week, before moving to America)


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